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Well, our Indian Summer draws to a close. And I spent most of it sitting in this chair, and word from the front never came. As it were.

But, at least none of you have to remember President Humphrey K. Ludwig, or the mess that Irwin Allen made of Dr. Zhivago, or (and especially) about the science-fiction convention in Los Vegas (CONsino) during which a splinter cell of angry, disenfranchised furries detonated a twenty-kiloton nuclear device...all that, at least, has been set straight. The past is the past once more. Well...except that thing with Menudo, and the McRib. Sorry. Those, I couldn't fix.

Oh, and that thing with Frank Black yesterday? Of course I meant Frank Booth. But you never sacrifice a wonderful run-on, run-out, not-quite free-association tirade over anything so tiresome as fact. Frank Booth would never have gotten me to Frank Black (née Black Francis), or Frank Black (sensu Millennium), or even the guy in the creepy rabbit mask.

Honestly? I have no idea what I'm supposed to be writing about, that's why?

There's not much to report from yesterday, not that I can report. Kathryn and I continue trying to pull everything together for The Drowning Girl: A Memoir book-trailer shoot this coming weekend. Yesterday, I spoke with Nicola (our Imp) and Dani (our Abalyn), as well as with Brian (our cinematographer). And this past weekend would have been dead-on fucking perfect for the shoot, and next weekend is looking maybe a little doubtful. But there's no way we could have known, and we'll have to take what we can get. There's no time left for rain dates. This should have been shot in July, but work and scheduling conflicts and whatnot continually pushed the date back. And, so, this is it. We are fortunate in that New England is having a lousy autumn, in terms of the trees changing colors, so it still looks fairly summery up here.

Have you ordered Two Worlds and In Between? Have you clicked "like" on the absurdly early preorder page for The Drowning Girl: A Memoir? Have you subscribed to Sirenia Digest? Well, why the hell not? Wait. Don't tell me.

A good bit of RP (including a bizarrely Fringe-like moment...think Olivia/Fauxlivia) in Insilico RP last night with [ profile] readingthedark. Last night also marked the first time I've ever RPed two characters in SL at once (on two machines, with two open viewers). It was weird, and while it wasn't easy, it wasn't as hard as I'd thought it would be. And we watched three more episodes of Mad Men (Season Four). And I read, from Halloween, a pretty good story by William F. Nolan, "The Halloween Man." And then I slept, and had unspeakable dreams. Unspeakable at least in the sense that they are now so fragmented that I could not reconstruct them well enough to speak of them. And that, kittens, was yesterday.

Today looks...indefinite. But I leave you with these. Back to that something Spooky and I did night before last that I only mentioned in passing yesterday. I think these two shots are work safe. All the others weren't. And there will be future sessions (after I've lost that Hubero) that will produce very not work-safe images. But these are pretty vanilla. Unless you work for, I don't know, Pat fucking Roberson (or did he die?). Spooky was in the mood to paint, and I was in the mood to be a canvas:

8 October 2011 )

Aunt Beast
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The second day of March, already.

Yesterday, I wrote 959 words on The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. Which doesn't seem like a very good writing day, given my uncharacteristically high daily word counts with this book. But, here at the end, I have to handle the story like glass. Everything I've built could be shattered by one wrong move.

It would be that easy.

After the writing, Spooky and I proofread "Riding the White Bull" for Two Worlds and In Between. "Riding the White Bull" is a much longer story than I recall it being. But it remains one of my best sf stories to date. It gets so many things right. I'd love to write it all over again.

And after that, dinner, and then we rearranged furniture in the middle parlour, because we're trying to make the house more livable. And after that, Spooky used my back as a canvas, a little something for the "Question @ Hand" article in Sirenia Digest #63. And after that reading and gaming. Which is a pretty good synopsis of yesterday.


Rift remains an amazing, beautiful, and utterly playable game, though I've not been able to play much the last two days. Yesterday was the official release date, and the postman brought our hard copies of the game. But the flood of idiots I'd expected seems either not to have occurred, or our rp server was spared the deluge. People roleplay. They remain in character. They almost all have actual names. The exceptions are rare (like the idiots calling themselves "Dingleberry" and "Morningwood," whom Spooky reported yesterday). Selwyn, my Kelari mage, is most of the way through Level 15. She has a skeletal minion named Jude, and a striped vaiyuu (the wiki says you have to be Level 20 to get one, but Selwyn bought hers at 14). Her story forms in my head, her character. As soon as I'm able to play her with Kathryn and others, she'll be a full-fledged alter ego.

But what I've mostly been doing is playing WoW, grinding my way towards the Loremaster title. All I have left is Outland, but that's sort of like walking across Africa, south to north, and saying, "All I have left is the Sahara." I've finished four regions in Outland: Terrorkar Forest, the Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, and the Blade's Edge Mountains, which leaves me with three regions to go. Right now, it breaks down like this, in terms of quests done and quests left to be done:

74/85 in Nagrand
71/90 in Shadowmoon Valley
75/120 in Netherstorm

Which means I have seventy-five quests to go. Which wouldn't look so bad, given all the thousands I've done to get this far. Except Nagrand is notoriously fucking hard to finish, and I seem to have hit a wall in Shadowmoon Valley. Just not enough quests. Oh, and while I'm talking about WoW, one of the ways Blizzard truly borked this game in the latest expansion was the removal of almost all ports. I know they're stated goal was to encourage exploration by eliminating shortcuts. But what they've really done is left most of Northrend and Outland utterly deserted. Though, I will admit, it's very nice playing Outland with no other players around.


And now that I've nerded on at such length, it's time to make the doughnuts. Carefully.

Oh, note that the Annual Locus Poll and Survey is taking votes. The Ammonite Violin & Others made the ballot under collection. Please, please, please take a moment to vote. Thanks. You don't have to be a subscriber to vote.

Also! It's Dr. Seuss' birthday!
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Though I've had a few good responses, I'm a bit disappointed in the number of replies to the most recent Question @ Hand. Maybe it was a poor question, or maybe I phrased it poorly. I was very much hoping to get an article out of it for Sirenia Digest, but so far, there's just not enough for that. A number of people who wrote excellent bits for the first two questions have been silent; of course, it was a year ago I did this last, and maybe those folks no longer follow the LJ, or have jumped ship for that wretched Facebook thing, or something.

Anyway, this is my last solicitation for replies. I think people aren't thinking in terms of bodyart (though performance pieces are good, too), which is really what I was after. Thanks to those who have replied (and please don't reply with unhelpful comments like "You're already a work of art!" Nice sentiment, but not what I'm after). And no short stories, please. Again, I appreciate the effort, but ideally replies ought to fit into the comment space (which can be pretty long).

Also, just got this delightful, hilarious graphic from [ profile] kylecassidy, the cover for The Red Tree, complete with warning label for the sexually squeamish:

Fear the Gay! )

Also! A new website for the exquisite Lolly Jane Blue, who, I think, blows Lady Gaga out of the water (and I say that as a casual sort of Lady Gaga fan).


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