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Because, you see, Ceiling Cat doesn't actually live in the ceiling. "Ceiling" is merely a metaphor meant to impress upon us his constant nearness and watchfulness. Ceiling Cat actually lives in the upper troposphere, which is a bit lower than one usually finds, say, the Flying Spaghetti Monster noodling about (deities must segregate, elsewise – a word LJ can't spell – we get Kaiju Big Battel and shit like that. Airplanes get eaten. Bad cellphone reception. Blood falls from the sky.). Hubero told me to explain all of this to you, so blame his bald pink ass, not mine.

I think the problem here is that I got less than six hours of sleep this morning. Thank you, Monsieur Insomnia.

It's snowing. A lot. The whole world is white, which makes it all vastly easier on my winter-shy eyes and nerves. Smooth away the bleak, ugly, sharp edges.

Not entirely sure where all of yesterday went. There was work, though no writing. Mostly answering email, questions about proofreading and copy-edited manuscripts, and stuff like that. A burning desire to clean my office (which might be constructive, only there's no longer room to move in here). I'm pretty sure there was nothing exciting. Today, among other things, I need to proofread "Tidal Forces," which is about to be reprinted know, that information is probably not fit for public consumption yet. I will say, whatever editors out there might think to the contrary, "The Maltese Unicorn" (from Ellen Datlow's Supernatural Noir) was lightyears (yes, LJ; lightyear is one word) better than anything else I wrote last year, or the year before that...and that it hasn't received more attention baffles me. I think it must be that dildos embarrass people. I don't get that at all.

Also, this diet sucks. Sugar-free, low-fat instant cocoa. Sugar-free Red Bull. Shoot me now. (Also, please, no dieting advice.)

As it happens, Alabaster #1 will be published with two covers. That is, the official cover is by Greg Ruth, and that's the one everybody has seen. But there's also an alternate cover that will be harder to find, painted by Michael Oeming. Here it is:

If you want this cover, you'll probably need to put an order in now with your Local Comic Shop. Or wait for eBay.


Okay, so...I had it in my head I was going to write some long and insightful, Pulitzer fucking Prize-winning essay explaining my take on the SOPA/PIPA mess and the problem of internet piracy. And then I decided, fuck that. I don't have time. I'm not so disposed. Whatever. So, instead, I'll put it plainly, and make it brief. It's not like other people haven't already said everything I'm about to say. And said it better.

No, you may not have my books for free. No, I do not believe – based on anecdotal evidence – that if I let you have five books for free, you'll buy the sixth. Bring me some very hard empirical evidence that can be reproduced, and I might think about the ramifications. Me, I want to see BitTorrent and the like die a quick, messy death. I do not appreciate being stolen from. And no, information "doesn't want to be free." That's cock-eyed bullshit. How about, my rent and healthcare and utilities want to be free? I say these things because, people need to know, whether you believe it or not, the mounting theft of ebooks is leading – on my end – to lower and lower advances from publishers. Another couple of years at this rate, it will no longer be feasible for me to continue writing novels. No, really. That's not hyperbole. Want a book for free? Go to the motherfucking library. Or download the ebook free from a library (yeah, you can do that). Stop being so goddamn lazy and unimaginative and divest yourself of that bullsit privileged, entitled I-deserve-to-get-it-free-RIGHT-NOW attitude. Who put that stuff in your heads? Well, learn this: There are options that do not ass-rape the authors. I did the work, and I deserve to be fairly paid, and not to have my copyright violated by douchebags.

But SOPA/PIPA are not the solution. As I said before, you do not burn down a house to kill a termite. You don't risk wrecking the entire internet to stop internet crime. You move slowly and with great care. You address the actual problems. You don't allow the megacorps to crush "fair use" and the like and pervert copyright law (the US was doing this well before the internet). You create the least inclusive legislation possible, not the most. Even having said what I said above, to paraphrase Elizabeth Bear, my books are being pirated on the net every single day, and that's endangering the future of my career, but I'm more comfortable with the devil I know than with SOPA/PIPA. I'm willing to wait for a better solution.

So there. I think that gets the point across.

Oh, hey! Heidi Klum and Seal are getting a divorce! Cool! Who's gonna get custody of the litter?

Cheap, But Not For Free,
Aunt Beast
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Just something quick. I have tomorrow off, and we'll be heading off to Connecticut, to the Yale Peabody Museum.

I was somewhat impressed by toady's web protests against SOPA/PIPA, though Goggle's seemed halfhearted, at best. A shame Google, Twitter, and Facebook didn't shutdown. That would have made an impression.

All this said, I want no one, even for a second to think that I support internet piracy. I don't. However, I also don't believe in burning down a house to kill a termite. But...I'm going to explain in more details my feelings on SOPA/PIPA, internet freedom, copyright, and internet piracy in Friday's entry. And yeah, leaving comments disabled until Friday.

Until then...

Aunt Beast
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Another shit day, in terms of all the not-writing I got done. honour of "Talk Like a Pirate Day," I do have the consolation of Amanda Palmer singing Kurt Weill's "Seeräuber Jenny":

I so adore this bloody, wicked song.
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First off, I want to repost this, since it's still the top story at SL, and it was late when I made the entry last night (this morning):

Also, I made the front page at Second Life today (yesterday), under "Second Life in the News." "Caitlin Kiernan to be interviewed on Second Life for BBC2 Culture Show". Gotta admit, that's cool. First author ever interviewed in SL for British television. My UK publicist at Transworld is very happy, as are the folks at BBC2. Glad I went through with it. The episode will air Saturday night, but you can find all that out in the article. Near as I can tell, I may the the first author anywhere to be interviewed on SL specifically for television, but I won't make that claim just yet. Still, my nerd pride is in full bloom this ayem.


So, let's see. Tuesday. On Tuesday I tried to start Chapter One of Joey Lafaye, and nothing came. Wednesday, I tried again, wrote maybe 200 words, gave up, and spent the day sulking in a Giant Blue Funk. Then yesterday, I sat down at the keyboard again and began writing in Addison Lynch's blank book (she has yet to decide whether or not it's a diary). By 3:30 p.m. or so, I'd written 1,329 words. I stopped, afraid it was all junk, and read it back to Spooky. She liked it a lot. Me, I'm still undecided. But at least I do feel as though the first chapter (and thus the novel) has finally begun in earnest. When Chapter One is done, I will be sending it to a number of first readers to get opinions. Sure, I wrote a pregnant paleontologist, and I've never been pregnant. I wrote an eight year old, and when I was eight we were still worried about the trilobite problem. And sure I've written from the povs of ghouls and vampires and androids, but trying to get inside the head of a twenty-one-year-old woman, well, that's another thing entirely.

Got an email this ayem from Steve Jones, about a Russian website that's offering free Russian translations (audio files) of stories by just about every fantasist and sf writer alive (and some dead), and including a certain "Skachka na belom byke" ("Скачка на белом бике") by a certain "Keytlin R Kirnan." That would be "Riding the White Bull," if your Russian is as bad as mine. And I listened to a little of it, but the weird seventies music in the background ruins the whole effect, I think. The site claims the stories have been posted for "educational purposes only," which is really neither here nor there, as it's still a copyright violation, except the site is running obviously paid adverts from such big-box stores as Circuit City. Oh, and the ads are in Spanish! Anyway, Harlan is one of the authors whose work has been pilfered, so I figure this won't go on for very long.

Yesterday morning, FedEx tossed a Xerox copy of the tpb of Daughter of Hounds onto the front porch. I need to look it over, make any changes I need to make, and get it back to Anne, my editor at Penguin, by January 10th. I need to get the ms. for Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder to subpress by the end of November, and any corrections to the Tales of Pain and Wonder galleys in by the end of December. And I have two issues of Sirenia Digest to write and produce during this same period, so it's safe to say work will save me from the horrors of the "holiday" season.

Some cool stuff from Spooky. First, her latest doll, Prudence, just finished Wednesday, which I think is one of her best. Also, we've both been playing with Windlight in Second Life, and she's taken some truly amazing photos of New Babbage. That first one, of Penny Patton's Iguana State pirate compound in the Canal District, looks like a goddamn painting. Truly, Windlight will change the face of SL. There are also a couple of the Palaeozoic Museum. There are few things I like about living in "the Future," and this is one of them. Note that I mean this particular and relative future, defined by the moment of my birth -03 years ago, as no one will ever live in The Future, sensu stricto.

Okay. This is getting long, so I'm gonna go now and drink my coffee before it gets cold. The sooner I finish today's pages, the sooner I can begin reading Alan Moore's The Black Dossier, which we picked up at Criminal Records yesterday.


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