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Just something quick. I have tomorrow off, and we'll be heading off to Connecticut, to the Yale Peabody Museum.

I was somewhat impressed by toady's web protests against SOPA/PIPA, though Goggle's seemed halfhearted, at best. A shame Google, Twitter, and Facebook didn't shutdown. That would have made an impression.

All this said, I want no one, even for a second to think that I support internet piracy. I don't. However, I also don't believe in burning down a house to kill a termite. But...I'm going to explain in more details my feelings on SOPA/PIPA, internet freedom, copyright, and internet piracy in Friday's entry. And yeah, leaving comments disabled until Friday.

Until then...

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Er...let's try this again. The first time I posted it, I accidentally set it so that only mutual friends could vote. Dumb nixar that I am. Sorry.

So, Bill Shafer at Subterranean Press has been encouraging me to make my sf novella, The Dry Salvages, available as a free downloadable PDF via the subpress website. At first, I thought sure, cool, why not, let's give it a try. Then Spooky, who minds the eBay inventory, pointed out that we presently have 13 copies of the trade edition and 19 copies of the limited edition in stock and offering the book as a free PDF could lose us a minimum of $1,085 dollars in potential eBay sales. I mentioned this to Bill, and he believes that people would still buy the book, even though it was available for free, and he points to similar successful examples by Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross as evidence. But I remain skeptical. I do very much like the idea of making the book available as a free PDF. It seems like a great way to get a lot of people to read my sf who never have. But I really can't afford to eat over a thousand dollars in lost eBay revenue. So, I'm dithering as to whether I should offer the book a a PDF now or wait a few more months, allowing additional time to sell our remaining copies of the book.

Hence, this poll. Please do not lie. I can tell when you lie, even over the internet, and flying monkeys with rusty corkscrews will be dispatched to make you sorry. And if you've already bought the book, don't bother answering. Thanks.

[Poll #719478]


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