Jun. 30th, 2010

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The weather is cooler. The temperature plummeted in the night. It's only 72F Outside. Unfortunately, the heat did not take this sour mood with it.

This morning there was a dream that seemed to require days to unfold. But there's not much of it I can recall. I was in a city, a European city. I'm pretty sure it was a German city during WWII. I was in a ghetto, and everything was bombed out or rotting. There were trains belching steam and overcast grey skies and furtive, angry people. I was trying to find someone who did not want to be found, and every time I got anywhere near her, she ran again. I climbed a tall flight of wooden stairs, trying to reach a door, but the planks were rotten and kept breaking away beneath my feet.

All of yesterday was spent getting Sirenia Digest #55 assembled and PDFed and out to subscribers. I think it's an especially good issue. I was particularly pleased with Vince's illustration for "Tidal Forces." Please comment if you have any thoughts on the issue. A good chunk of yesterday was spent writing the issue's prolegomenon. They are angry words I couldn't find the means to hold in any longer.

Today, I absolutely have to get to work on the edits to "The Maltese Unicorn."


I'm not getting much reading done. I did make it through a couple of articles in the new JVP: "Articulated skeletons of the aetosaur Typothorax coccinarum Cope (Archosauria, Stagonolepididae) from the Upper Triassic Bull Canyon Formation (Revueltian: early-mid Nornian), eastern New Mexico, USA" and "The first record of the large Cretaceous lamniform shark, Cardabiodon ricki, from North America and a new empirical test for its presumed antitropical distribution."


Over breakfast this morning, I was bemoaning, silently and to myself, the present 3-D craze and the damage it's doing to film. Yesterday, I saw the trailer to the final two Harry Potter films, and, on the one hand, it looks gorgeous, but on the other, the movie is constantly hurling things at the audience, in a contrived attempt to take advantage of the cheap "wow factor" of 3-D, thereby blowing what could be fine cinematography. I started thinking how great films of the seventies might have been ruined by 3-D. Imagine the original Star Wars saddled with the gimmick, or Ridley Scott's Alien. I stopped at Apocalypse Now: 3-D, because my brain would not let me go any farther. I kept seeing the scene where the PBR and it's crew are being fired upon by Montagnard villagers, and the audience is treated to arrows flying STRAIGHT AT THE SCREEN. Gimmicks do not make good movies. Good movie making does, and 3-D is anathema to good movie making.

Okay...whatever. Time to work.


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