Jun. 5th, 2009

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In a rush this morning, because I stayed up an hour too late, and slept likewise. So, I'm making this short. No, I really am. No kidding. Shortish, at any rate.

Yesterday, I finally found the beginning of "The Apprentice's Daughter" (new title to arrive ASAP), and wrote 1,101 words. And gods I hope it's not a false start. I can't afford one of those just now. The story has refused to be a vignette, insisting, instead, that it will be a short story. I remain skeptical about the whole endeavor, but Spooky likes it, and I hate it when that happens, when we have that sort of divided opinion over what I'm writing (though it's happening a lot lately). As it turns out, "The Appretice's Daughter" is set in Ulthar in Lovecraft's dreamlands, and yes, there will be a dragon. And yes, it will be erotica. Eventually. I hope this to be the story that Vince will be illustrating for Sirenia Digest #43.

And there was this question from [livejournal.com profile] corucia:

If you're hunting around for the next novel, might I suggest something? I'd love to see a novel connecting 'Derma Sutra', 'The Steam Dancer' and 'The Melusine' together, perhaps as a series of seemingly-unrelated stories wherein the underlying history of the world gets laid out in the background and interstitials between stories. I'm thinking of a 'Cannery Row' kind of book, where each story builds the world and moves things forward, without ever really directly addressing what would be major plot elements in other authors' hands. I think your writing style would lend itself wonderfully to such an oblique approach...

Plus, I really like that world and want to see more of it!

To which I reply, you will likely someday get your wish. Just not for the next novel. To date, I've written (I think) four stories set in Cherry Creek, Colorado (an alternate-history, steampunk version of Denver). The plan is to eventually write eleven of these stories, one for each year from 1890 through 1900 (to date, I've done 1891, 1893, 1896, and 1898). But it could easily be another two or three years before this project is finished, so you'll have to be patient. I still have seven stories to write before it can be a book. Maybe it can appear by 2012 or so.

Spooky is beginning a round of eBay auctions to offset our ReaderCon 20 expenses in July. I'll be doing a solo presentation on Dr. Seuss as weird fiction, and another on the writing of A is for Alien, as well as numerous panels, and a reading, I suppose.

The platypus says it's time to go, and we do not argue with the platypus (well, we do, but not today).


Jun. 5th, 2009 06:11 pm
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Not one, but two reasons why Spooky and I have finally begun to consider breaking down and getting a PS3. First, from the creators of two of my very favorite games, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (I love that the preview's music is borrowed from the soundtrack to Miller's Crossing, by the way), comes The Last Guardian:

...and Final Fantasy XIII:



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