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So, yeah. I'm an asshole about going to the doctor. But so many – likely most – doctors, most of the medical establishment, is predicated on profit and a conveyer-belt mentality, you can sort of see where I'm coming from. The worst part is being commanded by some lesser med tech to do something and do it NOW (but I've gotten exquisitely good at telling them no in a tone that leaves them blinking). Anyway, point is, my doctor here in Providence – not my shrink, but my GP – is actually pretty cool (my shrink's pretty cool, too). And I shouldn't be giving her grief here. She's on the ball, considerate, reasonable, and I've done a whole lot worse. She seems to comprehend the concept of my right to self-determination, even unto death. But I was angry about losing a day of work yesterday, and going to the doctor always freaks me out. Just saying.

I had, last night, a wonderful master plan in my head for this entry. I didn't write it down. It's gone.

And I've just heard confirmation, via @WM3ORG (Twitter), that the "West Memphis Three" have been released. These are people at the courthouse. After eighteen years, Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr., and Jason Baldwin have been released from prison. Of course, they had to plead guilty (under a precedent that allows a guilty plea while maintaining innocence) to receive suspended sentences. Lots of confusion, since this is happening as I type. But. Still. This has been one of the most horrific and most tragic miscarriages of justice in American history, but, at least, now it's ended. Sort of (this is complicated, and the government of Arkansas has not been redeemed). Yet, how do you return eighteen stolen years to a man? How do you return his youth? it's done.

And now I'm well and truly lost within this entry. Too much perspective and surprise all the fuck at once.

Yesterday, I wrote...nothing. I can rarely write on Doctor Visit Days (DVDs). But I did manage to make corrections to the pages I wrote on Wednesday. And I spoke with my agent (who's fled to Maine to escape the heat of NYC), and we agreed that I'm going to ask that Blood Oranges be published as "Caitlín R. Kiernan writing as K. R. Tierney." Why? Because. Even though it will be known that I wrote the book, and even though it's a fine and fun book, I want it set apart from The Red Tree and The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. Apples and oranges, let's just say. And we come back to that issue of self-determination. Which is really all that needs to be said on that subject. Though, I will answer questions, if you have them.

And that BIG thing about which I cannot speak, which I first mentioned on July 1st, I worked on that too – that marvelous, unbelievable, dizzying thing – though I still can't talk about it. The news will be sent out into the world when the TPTB deem the time right. But you will be happy....

After the doctor, I needed to center myself. So, I went to Rock Star on Thayer Street and had the plugs in my ears swapped from 6 gauge to 4. Actual eyelets! Thank you, Billy. I'll go up to 2 this spring. And yes, there's a photo (Spooky took it this ayem):

Last night, after dinner, there was good RP in Insilico. Grendel (Class V AI), bodyguard to a yakuza boss, had to quietly, politely, calmly convince some Russian wannabe (predictably named Dmitri) that it wasn't a good night for him to die. Be nice, and maybe I'll tell you about her katana. Wink, wink. We read more of The Stand. We watched the last episode of Season Four of Law and Order: Criminal Intent and the first episode of Season Five. And, yes! More Nicole Wallace. Whenever she says "Bobby," I get that flutter in my belly, that good flutter. Oh, if only there were more of their Holmes and Moriarty dance. Anyway, I signed onto Rift just long enough to do the dailies. I read "Anatomy and affinities of large archosauromorphs from the lower Fremouw Formation (Early Triassic) of Antarctica" and "Boremys (Testudines, Baenidae) from the latest Cretaceous and early Paleocene of North Dakota: an 1.1-million-year range extension and an additional K/T survivor." Just before sleep, I read more of Firestorm at Peshtigo: A Town, It's People, and the Deadliest Fire in American History, and, fuck all...

How does anyone do that much shit in one fucking evening? No wonder I woke up exhausted.

Gotta go write. And listen to the news...

Up the road to Glenaveigh,
Aunt Beast
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First, thanks to [ profile] dsgood for pointing me to [ profile] czarina69 and an explanation for the abrupt withdrawal of Paul T. Riddell (aka [ profile] sclerotic_rings) from LJ. He will be missed, as a faithful reporter of marvelous things. But. The good news is that he's going back to school to pursue a science degree. Which, of course, is a very, very good thing, and, for my part, I applaud his decision wholeheartedly.

Ken Cory writes:

One story I wish were more available is your collaboration with Poppy Z. Brite “Night Story 1976” (is that year right?). As far as I know it’s only appeared in the small editions of From Weird and Distant Shores. I read it aloud on Halloween at the Dusk ‘til Dawn scary story reading at Borderlands Books here in San Francisco, and everybody just loved it.

Close. "Night Story 1973." And anyone else who'd like to read the story, but doesn't have access to From Weird and Distant Shores, can find it reprinted in The Last Pentacle of the Sun: Writings in Support of the West Memphis Three, edited by M. W. Anderson and Brett Alexander Savory (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2004). "Night Story 1973" remains a personal favourite of mine, as well, and I'm very pleased to hear of the Halloween reading at Borderlands. Anyway, yes, I urge anyone looking for the story to pick up a copy of The Last Pentacle of the Sun, which also includes work by Clive Barker, Peter Straub, Brian Hodge, Elizabeth Massie, Margaret Cho, and many, many others. Poppy and I have no intentions of permitting the story to be reprinted elsewhere anytime in the foreseeable future.

The last twenty-four hours are sort of a dreary mush. Well, the last forty-eight, really. But I thought I'd write down a few things here. About the best that can be said for today is that the sun's setting. I did very little housework, though I did get rid of Sophie's litter box and packed up her toys and some other of her belongings for storage. Stuff that will go the the next cat, who won't be coming to live with us until at least December. I finished a Wikipedia article which I began yesterday, on the Cretaceous swordfish Protosphyraena. Spooky and I braved the sun (which came back today) and took many of the cans of uneaten cat food to Junkman's Daughter at L5P, for the three kitties waiting there to be adopted. Oh, and some catnip, too. The rest of the cat food is prescription, intended for diabetic cats, and that will be going to a local shelter. Nothing is wasted. I detest waste. Anyway, yes, the sun was brutal. I also went to Crystal Blue and Soul Kiss, looking for a thank-you card for Sophie's vet, but found nothing suitable. I might have found something at Charis Books, but by then I was too hot and grumpy and just wanted to go home. We got slices from Fellini's for dinner. Neither of us has felt much like cooking.

Last night, we watched Sydney Pollack's excellent film, This Property Is Condemned, adapted from a one-act by Tennessee Williams. It falls just shy of being a great film because of a sometimes anachronistic score and dated cinematography that occasionally reminds you you're watching a film made in 1966, instead of experiencing a story set in the 1930s. Still, it's very, very good. I watched the middle of Anthony Mann's Side Street (1950), then went to bed.

I spent part of the day getting the eBay auctions going again. Right now, there's the trade paperback of Silk (for less than cover price), The Five of Cups, and the trade and limited editions of The Dry Salvages (and the price on the trade edition has been reduced). I've also put up a copy of Candles for Elizabeth, which may be the last copy I will ever auction. I only have a couple more remaining. Just click here to peruse our wares. Please bid if you are interested and able. The proceeds from these auctions will be used to cover Sophie's cremation, as well as the recent repairs to Spooky's iBook and our train fare to Rhode Island this summer. I'll be listing more books sometime tomorrow. If there's something in particular you're looking for but don't see listed, just write me (at greygirlbeast[at]gmail[dot]com) and ask. Also, Spooky will be auctioning Snapdragon, just as soon as she finishes with her clothes.

Right. That's all for now. I think I'll read a bit. Maybe a skillful combination of the "pams" and alcohol can help me focus just enough to do that.


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