Apr. 28th, 2011

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Please do comment; I'll be here all damn day.

It seems that all my family and friends in Birmingham are safe. I know a few people in Tuscaloosa, mostly at the University, and I've heard nothing from that end. But the devastation from yesterday's tornadoes is horrific, and I've had to make myself stop looking at the photographs of familiar places reduced to unfamiliar places. Tornadoes are a part of living in the South that I do not miss.


Dream images from last night are mostly lost, and those that remain are faint and almost indistinguishable from the background clutter of my mind. There was a beautiful mastodon skeleton weathering from a river bank. There was frozen Stalingrad during World War II.

All summer they drove us back through the Ukraine.
Smolyensk and Viyasma soon fell.
By autumn, we stood with our backs to the town of Orel.

No, the mastodon skeleton wasn't in Stalingrad.


Work was an odd and scatterbrained affair yesterday. Lots of loose ends and such, and today I have to begin a new piece for Sirenia Digest, because I am woefully fucking late getting to it. Oh, by the way, the snazzy new Sirenia Digest website will go live this weekend or early next week.

I mentioned that the ARCs for Two Worlds and In Between arrived on Tuesday. They include Lee Moyer's cover art, but brightness and contrast are way off, rendering the cover muddy and dark. And it's not the actual layout we're going with, so if you happen to see one of the ARCs, this is not what the final book will actually look like. I spent part of yesterday making corrections to the text, because no matter how many times you proofread a thing, or how many people len their eyes to the proofreading, it will still be filled with fucking errors. The manuscript is 210,209 words long, which breaks down to 965,432 individual characters, all of which have to be checked again and again. Also, it seems that the release date on the book has been moved from January 2012 to September 30, 2011. I had no idea.

I spent a goodly portion of yesterday on the cover for "The Crimson Alphabet," the chapbook that will accompany Two Worlds and In Between. I'd already done a cover, but decided I hated it and started over. The end result is very, very simple.


[livejournal.com profile] kylecassidy has announced the casting call for two projects related to The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. You can see his announcement here, but I'll also post his entry here in its entirety later. A book trailer and a still photography project. It's all fairly fucking awesome.


Last night, I left the house with Spooky, and we drove to College Hill. Spring is now in full bloom, and the temperatures have been warm enough that I am hereby declaring Cold Spring to have ended and Spring Proper to have begun. We stopped by Acme Video (complimentary Atomic Fireballs!), then Eastside Market, then got cheese burgers from Five Guys in Seekonk, Mass. I'm not used to driving out of state for burgers. That's going to take some time (and it's not something we'll make a habit of doing, either).

Back home, we watched Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void (2009). And I honestly wasn't impressed. If nothing else, the film needs at least 45 minutes trimmed away (running time, a whopping 161 minutes). This film manages to belabor pretty much everything it touches upon. In the hands of a skillful editor, it's possible that something worthwhile could be salvaged. If Lars von Trier and David Lynch had never heard of editing, they might make movies like Enter the Void. Also, it doesn't help that Nathaniel Brown, who plays the protagonist, has all the acting ability of a stalk of broccoli. There are plenty of arresting visuals, and some brutal, beautiful scenes, but even I can only watch psychedelic Tokyo sex scenes, shot from an overhead boom and lit with seizure-inducing, flickering shades of red, for just so long before the yawning begins. I hoped I would feel better about the film this morning, but, in fact, I find that I sort of loathe it; I suppose that's something.


I have about a hundred other things in my head, wanting to be spoken of in this blog today. Maybe later.

Aunt Beast
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As previously announced:

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] kylecassidy at Casting Call: Top Secret Project Revealed!
I'm very excited to announce that the new Top Secret Project, is a collaboration with Caitlin R. Freaking Kiernan (aka [info]greygirlbeast) whom you may know as the author of The Red Tree, The Ammonite Violin & Others, Silk, Murder of Angels, etc. etc. etc. -- she also wrote the comic book series The Dreaming (and did the novelization of Neil's Beowulf movie).

Caitlin has a new book out in May of 2012 which I think is the best thing she's written. It's called The Drowning Girl: A Memoir - it was so visually beautiful that when I read the advance reader copy I contacted her immediately and said I wanted to do something with it - please oh please oh please. So, after much conspiring back and forth, I'm really pleased to announce that I'm casting for a book trailer plus a still Top Sekret Photo Project which we'll shoot over the summer and both of which will be Very Cool, I promise.

Let me know if any of these is you. We'll either be shooting in the Philadelphia, Delaware, NJ area or in the Boston area, so people from either of those places can apply. Shooting will probably be one low stress weekend.

Imp - F, early-mid 20's, somewhat mousy, brown hair, medium height, simultaneously soft featured and intense. Anxious. By turns, quiet and stormy. Always a little disheveled, hair not really long or short. She might wear glasses.

Eva, F, late 20's, early 30's, blond hair, glamorous, slender, tall, seductive and feral but also unexpectedly vulnerable and refined. This part requires some nudity & is paid.

Abalyn is a MTF trans woman, 24-35 pretty, unmistakably feminine, slender 5'8"-6'4" with a grace that can turn gawky. Hair chin length or longer, black or black with blond roots. Her eyes are green. We'd really like to cast a transwoman in this role if possible, but will entertain other possibilities.

Many of these properties, (height, hair & eye color) are negotiable.

If you're interested or have questions drop me an email at kyle at kylecassidy.com, we'll take it from there. If you have a couple photos of yourself (myspace style iphone self portraits acceptable), you can toss those in or link to them. And please do forward this around to your friends who might be interested. This is going to be something wonderful.

Add me as a friend on LiveJournal, Add me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter.


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